Door Among The Cabbages

"Welcome," rumbled the gryphon in a language I did not know, but somehow seemed to understand. "Welcome," he repeated.

I squawked something, and keeled over into a field.

I awoke with the smell of sweet peas snaking up my nostrils. I felt light-headed and relaxed, but as I got to my feet a breath of wind touched my stomach and carried me like a wisp of smoke over the grass. Flying again. Brilliant. At least my cold sore had gone. Somehow.

A few moments later I found myself playing a light reed flute. I felt strange and exhilarated. Was it all a crazy dream like in so many books. But my sight was quite normal. Usually in a dream I am confined and boxed-in, with pin-hole camera eyes and no will to live.

The world was tipping up like a rocky boat, and the music was getting to my head, not to mention the stench of those cabbages. The cabbages. Where had they come from? They had been sweet peas previously.

A door opened under my feet, and I fell down in the darkness, spiralling, down into terror and despair. What was I coming to? Falling, falling. I must have been falling for hours. Into the depths of the earth. Was it earth, though? Or was it somewhere else?

Am I merely romancing about nothing, or recounting real adventure? Time for me myself to find out...where the door among the cabbages leads...

The End

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