Complete and utter nonsense

And what now shall I be, unperfect as I am. But now gliding above the houses of those in much better wealth than me, as graceful as a swan. Maybe I AM a swan. But my toes are red. Am I a parrot? like the one I saw at the zoo? Or maybe a budgie. Oh I would like to be a budgie. Budgie talk, they say what they hear. But then again, they can be quite rude. So what am I?

Now I'm gliding across shimmering blue seas. following this gryphon. Am I a gryphon too? Down there, a dolphin or three, surfing. They remind me of my friends and I, larking around and having fun in our silly embarrassed selves. The tuna looking on, how stupid we did look though. In this trance I swooped and danced, I sang and flew the wind in my face. At last we landed on top of a hill. The view of the valley below was emmense, the fieleds were flowing green seas. The wind whipped my hair (or should i say fur?) and blew back, almost over the edge. I turned to the griffin, he smiled and stepped forward.


What happens next?

The End

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