Killing Time

"The papers, please"

Sam looked up just in time to see a woman dressed in a white coat leaning towards him, her elbows coming up to rest on his counter top. He watched as she lifted a hand over her mouth to hide the huge yawn that came out, stretching her features. Almond eyes opened up to blink up at him, bags and deep lines visible under them.

"Well, hello, Dr. Hawkins!" he flashed the doctor one of his white smiles. "Looks like we're having a jolly good afternoon today"

A huff and a pointed look was all he got. 

"Ah, come on, Bee, don't be like that" Sam mocked, pouting to his hands as they skimmed through the files on his desk. Finding the right one, he laid them on the counter in front of the woman. "Is it the new patient?"

As he questioned her, he glanced over at his right. A sickbed and its occupant were visible from behind the sliding glass door of the room number 111. 

"No, she's recovering well. The nurses are taking care of her now." Dr. Hawkins assured him, eyes set on the papers as she read them all before signing.

A frown settled on her face. "The problem now is finding who she is." At the confusion on Sam's face she continued "I've been looking everywhere, making calls and searching the missing persons list, but I still couldn't find anything on her..." She turned to room 111. "It's like... she doesn't even exist."

"I've heard from the other nurses that she's been muttering in her sleep."

"I know, that's how I found out her name was Cassandra Murrow."

"But that's not all she's been... You know what, forget I ever said anything."

"Nurse Sam... You do know she's my patient, right?" 

"Alright," he gave in, leaning towards her so their faces were only inches apart. "The nurses said she's been talking non-stop about strange things... a car, some man in black and a stone..." 

The woman sent him a critical look, eyebrow raised. 

"I'm serious! I heard it myself when I passed by."

"But what does it even me-" the doctor stopped suddenly as her eyes fell on the patient's room. When they widened dramatically, Sam turned to look as well. Behind the glass, a big woman wearing the nurses' uniform stood in front of the patient's sickbed, blocking his view of the girl called Cassandra. 

"What is she..." Dr. Hawkins whispered, frowning at the nurse's figure. Then, the nurse seemed to lift her hand and, from where he was, Sam was able to identify what she was holding. 

A scalpel.

"What the...!"

"Nurses!!" Sam flinched when he heard Bee's scream, a loud scream that sent everyone around them in motion. Shocked, he was only able to stand there and stare for a couple of seconds as his friend and the other doctors and nurses rushed to room 111.

It took a terror filled scream and the sound of a door breaking open for Sam to wake up from his stupor. His hand shot out to grasp the phone, dialing one single number before shouting into it "Security, red alert! Second floor, Ward B7, now!" Not waiting for an answer, he let the phone drop and hurried to the confusion in room 111. 

The End

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