The Stone

Then suddenly I remember. The stone! That was all everything was about, wasn't it? Wasn't it....?

I can hardly remember anymore. Was it about a stone?

My mind started going fuzzy again. Oh geez, why now, of all times? I'm nearly remembering what happened to me and my brain decides that it needs to switch off.

The library. The car. The evil dude in black. Stray memories float across my mind, and things start to click into place like jigsaw puzzle fragments.

The evil dude in black was probably the guy I should be afraid of. Probably. If I was afraid  of him, then it would mean he must've taken something. The stone! And I was at the library when he took it, so that must mean I am at ...

My brain struggled to fit that last part in. Where am I? It was like the puzzle piece was glued to the table, and my hand just wasn't strong enough.

Suddenly my mind folded in. All that thinking, and where had it gotten me?

The hospital! I nearly punched my arm up in the air to thank my rhetorical question, but they were heavy and bandaged, like they were restrained.

And then I blacked out for the second time that day. Cassandra Morrow, the girl who always faints...

The End

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