the gap of your consciousness

I had had brain farts in the past, but not like this one! I couldn't remember why I stood in the bright sunshine, my hand holding onto the back of my neck. My hair was sticky and hot to my touch and I didn't want to remove my hand. My fingers were sticky and wet and again I didn't want to look at what was causing it.

I blinked once, then again. Everything around me was reeling in slow motion. I saw some boys riding bikes and they looked as if they were pedeling backwards, they were going so slow. Traffic on the street was passing me at a crawl. People were walking by me as if they were walking through water up to their waists.

There was a gap in my consciousness! I felt as if I were a record needle, stuck in the groove of a vinyl record. 

The sunlight was blinding. My headache was blinding. My heartbeat was deafening.

The End

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