Stupid laughing

Your feet pound on the clean linoleum floor as you run through the narrow corridors crowded with people.

"Sorry, sorry, must get through," you pant as you push through the crowd of bodies. There is some angry murmuring, but no one tries to stop you.

You hear the frenzied shouting of your enemy behind you. He obviously isn't taking the gentle way, as you can hear people yelling at him.

"Get her!" his normally calm, evil voice is replaced with an angry, distorted one. Does he not know that being calm is the essence to evil? Obviously not.

A change in environment interrupts your thoughts. You have run out of the library by now, and the bright sunlight streams onto your face, distracting you. After being in the relatively dark library, the sunlight forces you to squint, making it harder to see.

You hear a rasping breath behind you, and a rough hand rips the precious stone from your grasp. Then, you feel a heavy blow hit you on the back of your head.

Evil laughing forces itself through the gap of your consciousness. "The stone!" you hear that hated voice howl, "I've finally gotten the stone! You think you fooled me? Putting on the hourglass act? I never fell for it. Now nightey-nightey."

The stupid laughing echoes around your head.

When will he ever learn?

The End

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