Nurses and Zombies and Blairs, oh my!Mature

The nurses' hallway couldn't accommodate all of us at once, so J. split us into groups of ten, standing on tiptoes to see over the cluster of heads.  I ended up in the second group to go through.

There were four of them, standing frozen in terrifying positions, wrapped, mummy-like, in white bandages, not even their eyes showing.  They turned their heads slowly as we walked past, and then, just as everyone had scampered past the last of the nurses...


Cue startled screams.

We then proceeded into the black box theatre, known to all involved as "The Rose."  The Rose had been divided into sections with quickly-made wooden walls, painted black, which had been installed earlier that day.  The first section was dedicated, it seemed, to an entire genre, rather than any specific film. 


Every haunted house needs zombies.

The scenery also requires minimal description.  There were several zombies, and some disembodied limbs, including the entire lower half of a mannequin.

The next 'room' contained a real tree, adorned with triangular stick-ornaments hanging from strings.  The second part of the Blair Witch Project room was painted white, and smeared with bloody hand prints.  It contained a girl shrieking in a corner.

When the rest of the group stopped for notes, I and the other members of the Woman in Black room proceeded ahead and adopted our positions.  Mine was behind the piano.

The End

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