Haters and Other Time Wasters

I'm not here to impress anyone. And I'm definately not here to be your entertainment. I don't wake up to listen to what you think is best for me,when you don't have a clue. I don't listen to haters. I don't listen to words because they don't mean anything.

I'm not bothered about what you think I am,what you presume I do and what you think is my life,when I can tell you for a fact,nothing of it is true. Rumours spread,words mis read and it just spreads around.

Empty threats don't scare me,they are there to make the small people inside feel big on the outside.

People believe that if you 'live in the gutter then what freedom have you got?' I can answer this. You can make your own choices,pick yourself and knock yourself down if you wanted to. But if you do,what good things could it lead to. The realisation of what you  had. And you can get it back,pick yourself and get them,it's harder then throwing yourself down but it's a better choice.

So let those haters hate and lie and threat,they won't do anything. Because even if you feel broken,it's never the end because it can't be,if it isn't okay.

And let them critisise everything you have ever down,because it isn't worth living for someone else, you can't enjoy life,without properly living it

The End

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