Harsh Hate Settles in No-Man's Land - Alliterations

Sorry, people...

Harsh Hate settles in No-Man's Land.

Drowned in Rankling Rumour are Rippling Rivers, Bubbling Brooks and Chuckling Creeks,

Which now Rantingly Rush over Climbing Crags to Heroically Hurtle down to Cavernous Craters,

In the Absurd Attempt to make Successful Suicide - the Dreadful Deed thrives not.


Harsh Hate settles in No-Man's Land.

Poisoned by the Disease Despair are Fruitful Foliage, Blooming Blossoms and Healing Herbs,

Which now Wonderingly Wither for Disgraceful Deficiency in the Never-Doubted Necessities,

And are now Ably Angry in Peculiar Pallor, Various Volume and Strange Stature.


Harsh Hate settles in No-Man's Land.

Transfigued by Bitter Boredom are Stunning Skies, Meditative Moon and Programmed Planets,

Which now Hauntingly Hang in Sporadic Sequences that Maddeningly Misinform Any Anticipation,

And the Gleaming Glow of These Thrilling Things Desolately Dims to a Forlorn Fadedness.


Harsh Hate settles in No-Man's Land.

Re-sculpted by Hideous Hate Himself is Manipulative Man,

Who now Dervishly Delights in Resourceful Revenge, Mortifying Massacre and Ruinous Rivalry,

And Slyly Seeks Taxing Trouble around every Calculated Corner in a Fear-Filled Exasperated Existence.

The End

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