Harry the Potter and the Horrible Cucumbers and Other Twisted Tales

Alright, it's time for a silly spoof of whatever story you feel like spoofing!

Harry the Potter and the Horrible Cucumbers

There was once a boy who was nicknamed Harry the Potter because he was always potting plants. He had, you might say, a very green thumb.

Now, when Harry was little boy, asleep in his mother’s arm, an evil cucumber was brought into his home by accident, and attacked Harry. Harry survived. His parents, not so much. The cucumber was sorely damaged and vanished into a dump for the time being.

Little did anyone know, but before the cucumber had attacked Harry, it had found a way to break off slivers of itself and plant them so that new evil cucumbers would grow.

And when Harry the Potter was a full grown boy, he went off to Gardening School, where he met one of these horrible cucumber plants. It tried to hill him, but once more he survived and destroyed it. With all his plant potting, it was little wonder that Harry kept finding these horrible cukes, and, after a brief rub with death, he always succeeded in destroying them. When Harry was a full grown teenager, he learned that there had been exactly seven of these, and he decided to hunt them out and destroy the rest of them.

Being such a lover of plants, it was difficult job, but whenever they attacked him, he ceased to care whether they grew well and attacked back. After much trouble, the horrible cucumbers were at last all destroyed and the original cucumber, weak from breaking off so many bits of itself, withered and died. Harry the Potter became a hero of the planting world and was remember forever as the boy who killed the Horrible Cucumbers.

The End

The End

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