Just Take a Deep BreathMature

- Just Take a Deep Breath -

Opening the door, Draco was ready to explode. He side-stepped the shoes dropped near the door, walked in to the room and was about to start crying. There was an open bottle of orange juice near their small ice box and there was a sweaty, smelly, dirty t-shirt on the floor near the bathroom door.

“Potter!!!” Draco bellowed and heard the water stop in the shower. A second later, a wet Harry Potter came out of the bathroom. “What the fuck is going on in this room, Potter?”

Harry looked sheepish, looking around the room, and he knew what was about to come, but Draco was at his wit’s end, his hands were tugging on his platinum hair and his eyes were running around the room like a crazy man. “How it came to this? The mass! My roommate is The Roommate from Hell!” Draco was talking, No, shouting to himself, not even looking at the raven haired man in standing front of him.

Harry picked up his wand from the table nearby, swishing it swiftly around the room, and it was clean again, but the blond was still shaking.

“Draco, I am sorry. I thought I have a bit more time to clean myself up and then the room.” Harry put his hands on Draco’s shoulders. “Breath, Draco. Take deep breaths.”

Draco did and the shaking stopped, “I’m sorry for what I called you” he murmured not looking Harry in the eyes but seeing the smile on Harry’s lips.

“It’s okay, Draco. No harm done, right? This was so much better than the attacks you had when we just moved in this dorm-room. Don’t you think?” Harry was chuckling softly, massaging softly Draco’s shoulders.

“Yeah… It was.” And Draco finely looked Harry in the eyes and smiled as well.

- The End -

The End

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