Before the ClubMature

- Before the club -

Draco was sitting on the window seat, looking out at the setting sun. He was wearing his club cloths: skin fitting leather pants and a fitted silver mesh shirt through which you could clearly see the silver snake that was his nipple piercing. His platinum hair was hanging loosely around his face, barely touching his shoulders, making his face look angle like, almost. Draco was ready to hit the clubs, there was just one thing missing. His boyfriend.

As if on purpose, just as Draco thought that, his boyfriend was there, making him jump out of his sit in fright with a quite unmanly little scream.

"Fuck, Potter! You have to stop doing that! I almost had a heart failure!" Draco shouted at Harry, making him grin like a Cheshire cat, his fangs gleaming. Harry looked good in his black trousers, skin fitting black silk shirt, his pale skin and ruffled black hair in the soft candle light.

"Good evening to you too, Dragon." Harry said, stalking Draco, making him sit back in his window sit. Standing between his knees and looking down at him. "You look good enough to eat tonight." He smirked.

"I take it you`re hungry, Harry?" Draco smirked back, flattering his lashes at Harry, making it sound like a question, thought he knew very well that Harry just woke up, so he haven't fed yet.

"Oh, I'm famished. Do you volunteer to be my meal tonight, Dragon?" Leaning with his hands on the window on either side of Draco's head, Harry licked from the base of Draco's neck to behind his ear; making him moan and expose his neck even more for easer excess. 

"Almost a year ago I volunteered to be you only meal, every night. Or does you vampire memory starting to betray you, Harry?" It was suppose to sound teasing, but his voice betrayed him and it came out breathy showing Harry him arousal. Not that he really needed to be shown, with his vampire senses, Harry could smell how hard Draco was for him.

"I remember, just checking one more time. Thought, you smell divine, so I'm not sure I could have stopped myself from dinning on you even if you refused." And just as Draco opened his mouth to reply, Harry sank his fangs in to Draco's tender flash, making him groan loudly and arch his back.

A few seconds later, Harry licked Draco's wound to heal it. Standing up, both of them adjusted their clothing in to order and were ready to go to the club together. Sneakily, so Draco wouldn't see, Harry petted his pocket, checking that the ring he brought was on him.

With a silent heavy sign, Harry was leading Draco out the door. Even thought harry knew that Draco loved him, he was still nervous. After all, it's not just marriage for Vampires. If Draco said yes, it's literally giving up his life for Harry, and sadly, Harry wasn't so sure Draco would agree to that.

- The End -

The End

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