Oleander, the Cautious

The sky faded into a melan0choly purple; Oleander was late for his appointment. He ran up the street in a cautious manner, avoiding numerous obstacles like floor vents and store windows. The doctor would only be waiting for so long before moving on to his next appointment; Oleander knew this as he rushed towards the closing deadline. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as if it might burst in the next step he took. Still, he kept moving towards the clinic with a fixed determination on making the appointment. He rarely missed visits to the doctor, in fact he normally planned ahead to make it to the clinic early. Doctor visits were one of the few things that appeased his overly neurotic tendencies. He knew he was a hypochondriac but he couldn't help it. It's a natural instinct that made him ridiculously cautious about every situation he might find himself in. He feared conundrums because he had no way of preparing for them. Today was such a conundrum that left him unable to leave his house on time and caused his current tardiness. He kept running as he felt fire crawl up his thighs and into his stomach. He saw the clinic on top of the hill he was climbing up, its bright like beckoning to him like a siren's call. He grasped onto the aluminum railing and forced his legs to move up the stairs. His heart stopped beating with his hand on the door handle to the clinic. His body fell hard onto the pavement with a thick metal pipe protruding out of his back. His shirt was stained with fresh blood that pooled around his chest. The doctor waited in his office expectantly, confused by Oleanders sudden tardiness. Oleander never made his way to the doctor.

The End

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