The Deciever

Don't be deceived by his seemingly harmless demeanor. He'll be the one wearing a YooHoo shirt and jeans. His hair will be slightly askew and his shoes may have stains on them. He'll seem agreeable and have all the same interests you do. Slowly, he'll move closer to you until he's a close friend. He'll want to know everything about you. he'll find something he wants from you. It might be a girlfriend. He'll approach you with a simple question: this will be the seed. He usually places it in a crack, perphaps the relationship has a few flaws. He'll plant the question in your head, then move away from it. Slowly, he'll nurture the seed until it grows into doubt. You'll ponder his question over and over, eating you from the inside. Eventually, he pushes you and you make a move. You break up with your girlfriend. But you'll never blame him. You'll turn to him for support, believing he is your one and only friend. From this moment, he'll drop you, severing all ties. Your only good to him so long as you have something he wants. Don't listen to the Deceiver.

The End

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