An explosion blew up the AA pad, along with a squad of SAS soldiers. Riley scrambled along the deck, signaling a helicopter, thanking the fact that the admiral actually cared. Riley spun to her left and sprinted up a staircase, three soldiers carefully moving in behind. Riley crouched, quickly securing the helicopter pad. The pilot-less helicopter touched down on the landing pad. Lace jumped of a tower, hitting the ground beside Riley, a cut across his forearm. Lace screamed "I'm not seeing Andersons pulse, we gotta go!"

Both ran into the back of the automated helicopter as a soldier fired a round into Laces arm. The helicopter turned into the soldiers firing line and rose, quickly gathering up speed. Steel doors shut besides the two. Lace groaned and covered his forearm with his hand. Riley yelled "Andersons dead?! What the fuck happened?!"

Lace shook his head "I don't know! He... he just flatlined!"

Lace handed Riley his PDA, showing the squads status, Andersons information all blank. Riley dropped the PDA and bit her hand. Lace quickly picked the PDA up and set it down on a seat besides him, trying to ignore the pain in his arm. Behind the speeding helicopter, a cruiser approached Harbinger in the distance, along with half of the sun.

The End

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