Missing MenMature

Lace and I took a few more shots at the enemy before looking at each other. 

"Let's get to the LZ, Anderson's meeting us there," I yelled over the incoming gunfire. Lace nodded, giving me the signal to take off running. He spun around and began wildly shooting as I pelted down the ships wet deck. The helicopter was coming in on the opposite side of the ship and it would be a race to reach it in time. A small patrol of enemies appeared a few meters ahead of me.

"Oh Shit!" I shouted, slamming my finger to my sub-machine gun's trigger. It barked loudly placing rounds on target. I can't stop, I thought still sprinting I just hope Lace and Anderson hurry. Thunder exploded in the sky above releasing lightning from the sky. It's energy lit up the Harbinger in a blaze of white light. Water crashed over the ships railing, soaking me and my equipment. As I neared the landing pad, I chanced a quick glance over my shoulder. No ones there, worry crept into my gut.

Suddenly a flat, raised part of the deck appeared. Almost there. Another crack of lightning  sparked above as pain instantly tore through my arm, instinctively I fell to prone. Wincing, I crawled behind cover waiting for the helo. I looked to my arm an noticed a bleeding wound in my upper tri-cepts. Tearing a piece of my pant legging, I fixed a makeshift tourniquet. Off in the anger sky's expanse I heard a comforting sound. The familiar thump-thump-thump of helicopter blades. 

"Let's go guys," I grunted easing myself against a wall. The helicopter drew closer and closer. We were almost home free!

The End

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