The charge blinked green. I smiled, everything seemed ready. Something knocked me hard on the shoulders. I hit the deck hard, famas spinning out of my hands. I took my knife out and thrust it back, twisting the blade. A man screamed as I stood up, spinning around and tackling him to the deck, removing my knife. I flew to my side, shock surging across my body. I hit the deck, seeing my blood squirting out. I groaned, looking at a man with an assault rifle advancing towards me, along with two other soldiers. I moved both of my hands to cover my wound, my right hand slowly reaching for a pin in my pocket. I pulled the pin and counted to two before I yanked the entire flash bang out. I closed my eyes as shrapnel tore into my body and blinded the soldiers. I quickly grabbed a frag and tossed it in their direction, rolling behind a crate. Five seconds later, an explosion rocked the hull, mixed with cries. I stared at the hole in the right side of my chest piece, stitching shredded with blood pooling out. I should have gone for some heavier armour, shit. 

I growled into my com "Riley, Lace, I'm done setting up the explosives. There's a helicopter pad sixty meters to the north. Sneak through their lines and I'll meet you there. I'm blowing the explosives in two minutes."

Lace responded "Alrig-"

Riley yelled "You better be there fucking quick!"

Regret instantly coursed through me. I clicked my com of. I started to wheeze and my eyes lost focus.I stood back up and fell down. My right lung, it's collapsed I think, right? Doesn't matter, charges, right, my detonator. 

I took my detonator out of my pocket and stumbled towards my famas, slowly picking it up. Blood covered the deck, an SAS operative groaned on the ground, shrapnel wounds in his stomach. I fired a round into his forehead and fell down. My legs ached. I crawled behind a crate and fingered my blood covered detonator.

The End

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