Hurry up and WaitMature

"Riley, where the fuck are you?" Anderson yelled into the radio, guns barking in the background. We had really kicked over the hornets nest coming on the Harbinger. Running through the corridors I tapped my comm-set. 

"Still working on my second objective. Sir." I replied. Trying to reach them as fast as possible. 

"Hurry it up! Special forces are closing in on us." His voice was growing heavily agitated, as bullets pinged around him. 

"Yes sir!" I shot back cutting communications. If we survive this, I'm buying everyone a round of drinks, even Lace. As I hurried towards the ships top deck, the sound of gunshots significantly increased. An enemy soldier popped out, brandishing an assault rifle and smiling.

"Fuck you!" I shouted unloading two shots from my pistol in the man's skull. His body crumpled as I sprinted to the large bulkhead door. I pulled with all my strength opening the door with a large metallic whine. The outside deck of the ship was chaos, Lace was high above shooting brazenly around as wave after wave of soldiers tried to bring him down, Anderson was nowhere to be seen. Not thinking, I moved up the stairs and across the metal flooring. I slid across it's slick surface landing right next to Lace. Relief crossed his face as if my presence were a god send. 

"Took you long enough," he grinned handing me my sniper rifle and submachine gun. Lifting my modified MP5, I put shot's down range into a group of soldiers. Two dropped, screaming in agony as their comrades tried to recover them. 

"You asked me to be stealthy and I was, excuse me if hurrying my ass up here took up your sweet time." I spat back firing more shots out. Lace just chuckled as more bullets zinged past our heads. I glanced around us, remembering the Major.  

"Where the hell is Anderson?" Lace glanced to a group of shipping containers. 

"Planting a present for the SAS who've been giving us hell." Sounds good with me, I thought tapping my comms. 

"Anderson, you there?" Nothing but static. "Anderson?" The radio crackled to life. 

"Cool it Lieutenant, I'm rigging some explosives!" he snarled back. Just hearing his voice was a relief. "You back topside?" Shouts of the enemy grew louder, they were closing in. 

"Yea, hurry up. We need to exfil now!" I yelled back shooting towards the advancing soldiers. Retreating back to cover, I checked my clip. My heart sank, I had already gone through four. 

"I'm out!" I yelled at Lace. His eyes flicked to his weapon, he was getting low too. I shook my head and grabbed my sniper rifle. When shit hits the fan, send some high power shots down range. My breathing slowed as the cross hairs lined up, center of mass and curled my finger around the trigger. 

The End

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