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"Not now Captain." The Major growled as two bullets whiz by me and crash in to ground causing sparks. I smiled as usual. These guys were starting to get better but I guess its time to stop training practice. I lift the gun briefly glance down my scope and gave three controled burts firing through a few sheets of metal killing six men. Behind me Anderson was still planting C12.About fifty feet out I hear boots hitting the metal deck then screams of six dead men.

"More amateurs." I muttered quickly changing my firing angle and taking them out. Behind my shoulder Anderson was placing the last of the C12.

"Lets move out!" He barks with a hand motion signalling forwards. We dispose the bodies of the soldiers quickly.

By now I think they would have set there special ops on us, and I was beginning to worry that I might have to ditch Riley's crap. It was weighing me down and I was a little afraid to see what would happen if I smash her scope or something.  A bullet grazed my shoulder pad sending me sprawling onto deck I quickly roll back to my feet dodging two more shots, and hook left. Anderson had taken cover just ahead.

"Shit." I curse, fucking snipers.  I wished Riley could get her ass up here and deal with it!

I take out and empty clip of ammo, and put my hand out in plain view. The sniper shot it out of my hand like putting a bone into a dogs cage. The clip flew out of my hand. Skilled I admitted to myself but trigger happy, a bit like my self when I was training. So probably special forces but low ranked.

"Captain, stop fooling around, we're going to surrounded soon." Anderson barked shooting his FAMAS at the approximate proximity of the sniper.  The sniper returns with a semi automatic spew that rained down on Anderson. Telling from the angles of the shots the sniper was above us and and left , meaning at the highest he was four stories above us, and lowest two. Only two places to check.

"Hurry up captain, we don't have all day!"

"Sorry Major, just thinking, so I don't waste shots, when shit hits the fan harder than ever." I give him a smile taking out Riley's sniper. I wasn't used to the focus or the weight of the thing, but with basic training on how to use the thing, I give off four lazy shots, as  two bullets barrel into my armour, I see my target's head fall limp as fall onto the ground thanking the strength of my armour. I roll back to cover, and stand up. Anderson motions right, and disappears into the darkness. I follow suit.  Next up was the mid ranged guys exactly like me. The thumps of grenade launchers sounded behind us.

"Incoming." I say loud enough for Anderson to hear.

"I know captain."

Explosions shattered on the deck the vibrations shaking the ship, but the deck kept very stable. Smoke  just as Anderson said, I just smiled cocking my gun. Won't mean anything because I can see heat signatures even when the suits are cooled.  Keeping my A.C.K scope as my right eye to locate enemy's, I search the deck picking up 15 heat signatures, and a guarantee all special ops.

"Major we have fifteen hostiles behind us and," I look forwards to see another five in front," Five in front.

Anderson says nothing as I swivel around my and flick a switch allowing for an on board computer on my gun to identify obstacles between me, and my target.  With fully automatic mode, I fire a flurry of bullets taking out a multitude of targets quickly as the enemy opens fire. Adrenaline flowed through me as remove my scope from my gun, and run as  hailstorm of bullets come after me.

"Riley, where the fuck are you?" Anderson said into the coms.

"Still working on my second objective. Sir."

"Hurry it up! Special forces are closing in on us."

"Yes sir!" Riley responds, and the chat ends.

"Major, I can buy some time." I say

"Alright Captain but make it quick!"

" I need you to set up low grade explosives on those blast safe frieghts."

"So what your saying is  I can buy us sometime!" He growls.

Bullets  whiz by my head, and I return fire quickly.

"Yes, and no, I will hold them off here as you take out the five in front, and set the explosives up on those freights. Tell me when your done so I will lure as many hostiles in the blast radius, and you can blow them to the afterlife." I say not completely sure how I will hold up my end of the work, but I could come up with something.

"Okay, but don't be surprised if I blow you up with them if your not out of the area in time. I smile hoping the major was just being humorous.

"Got it!" I say springing from my cover, and jumping to a higher point becoming the centrepiece of attention.

The End

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