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"Anderson, I have the package and am rigging it now. What's your situation?"

I held onto the deck of the ship, feet dangling above the water. I quickly looked down, that's a good hundred foot drop. I held my breath and pulled myself up, shooting a soldier in the head. I caught him as he fell and pulled him over the railing. Try and find out where he died.

"Anderson?" Riley asked.

I growled "We've lured a few men to the AA platform. Hopefully, their special forces unit will look on a map and find their missing mens last position and head here."

Captain Lace mumbled into the com "Don't worry, we're tossing the bodies overboard, so one squad won't see it and bring the wrath of god here... yet, anyways."

I asked "Lieutenant, what about your second objective?"

"I'll be done in twenty, be topside in twenty-six." Riley sighed and clicked her com of.

I pulled myself over the railing and onto the deck. Drops of rain descended from the sky as the sun began to rise over the horizon. My teeth clenched. We need to leave. Sixty meters to my right, a guard looked over a railing. I aimed and fired a shot through his head. Captain Lace excitedly said "Got o-" he pulled the guard over the railing "Oh."

I responded "Shut the hell up Lace and check your corners. At least one SAS squad will be coming at us." I ran to a crate and vaulted over it, rolling behind a barrel.

Lace less excitedly asked "How do you know it will be a special forces unit?"

I angrily responded "They need a unit that can counteract us. Normal soldiers would break too easily after seeing six of their buddies die from an enemy they can or can not see. A special forces unit can track us, smoke us out and more importantly, capture us. " I moved around the barrel and to a foot wide missile silo. I tapped on my TI's touch screen (Tactical interface) and started hacking the silo. It opened, revealing a small missile. I grabbed some C12 and stuck it on the missile.

Lace whispered "Movement, right side. Sir, are we set?"

I moved to the next silo and instantly responded "No, give me some time, go loud if you need to."

Lace hesitantly asked "Anderson, are they hacking our Com.?"

I growled "Not now Captain!"


The End

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