Too close for ComfortMature

LT. Riley

I couldn't believe what Anderson had just said, he wanted me and only me to infiltrate the Harbinger, tag the H-Bomb, and get it all done without spilling a drop of blood. Anderson glared at me, his eyes screaming at me to hurry up. I nodded and laid all my rifle and submachine gun in Lace's hands. 

"Won't need 'em." I grunted taking off down a nearby stairwell. As I reached the bottom, voices reverberated close. I glanced wildly around then almost slapped myself, I'm wearing an invisibility armor, DUH! Instantly the armor blazed to life, blending me in with the wall. A group of three soldiers rushed past two seconds later, coming within centimeters of crashing into me. When they disappeared I breathed a sigh of relief, I almost fucked the mission! Shaking the self questioning I moved deeper into the compartments of the ship, passing more soldiers. As I turned to go into the large cargo hold I heard the last thing I wanted to hear at that moment, a dog bark. A soldier and a German Shepherd rounded the corner not 3 meters from me.

There was no exit, no room for a close call. Ok Lt. Riley how the fuck are you getting out of this. The dog raised his muzzle into the air and sniffed. It's eyes instantly landing on me, growling a deep a throaty growl. It's master took a few more steps closer. I just stood plastered to the wall praying for someone to turn them around. It was like the angels heard me because the soldiers radio crackled to life with screams and shouts. The man pulled his vicious Cujo back and dragged the animal behind him as he headed to help his failing comrades. I slid down the wall and just shook. Adrenaline was being forced through me faster and faster as my heart thundered.

Get up and finish the mission! An internalized voice of Anderson screamed. Snapping out of the shock I opened the cargo bay door and stepped out onto it's catwalk. Compared to the hallway's security was completely lax. Quickly I made my way down the cat walk and through another door that led to the heart of the cargo bay. All the boxes looked like your standard Con-x box that could hold anything from fruit to munitions.

I pulled a small geiger counter out of my pocket and did a sweeping motion as I passed by each container. I began to grow frustrated as I got nothing until I reached a Red shipping container. The needle began to wildly tremble and it's clicker purred with the discovery of radiation. A small grin caught upon my face as i opened the container. I pressed my fingers to a small headset radio. 

"Anderson," I said "I have the package and am rigging it now. What's your situation?"

The End

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