Below DeckMature

I looked at my watch. They can't lock the entire ship down, not immediately. They'll need to move men below deck with a few easy to defend doors. Once they close,whatever special forces units they have on board will be sweeping the top deck. I looked at Riley and asked "They can't shut the ships pumps offline, right?"

Riley squinted and replied "Yes."

I sighed and explained "Right now, special forces teams will be sweeping the ship. They won't be expecting a large team, just a small one meant for sabotage without being detected, so one missing person won't be missed."

Lieutenant Riley nervously fingered her rifle. I continued "The ships crew is going to go in a few doors, heavily guarded. Me and Lace will stay behind and take out the guards. You will sneak in below deck and find the bomb first, attach some hidden C12 to it, or hide some in the room. Do not kill anyone below deck."

Captain Lace asked "Won't attaching C12 to a hydrogen bomb result in a lower blast?"

I  growled "It will, but we don't have the opportunity anymore to wait for a six hour hack on the bomb. My bet is that thermal sweeps and dogs will be patrolling those corridors and the Lieutenant will be caught if we wait too long. Lieutenant, once you're done, move below deck and attach another C12 explosive to the aft of the ship. It won't be enough to sink the ship, but that's the point. We can't let them know why we were here, or they won't rendevous with the fleet."

Captain Lace mumbled "Tell me you have something special in mind for them while the Lieutenant's gone."

He's on the ball today. I quickly replied "We're gonna lure the teams searching for us to the AA missile pad." I grabbed a detonator and handed it to Major Lace.

Captain Lace smiled and whispered "Hell ya."

I handed Riley a few sticks of C12. I grabbed a a small RC plane out of my backpack and flew it above deck. Video streamed onto a screen on my wrist. A hundred feet away, soldiers guarded a door, pushing crew inside. I growled and stated "We got our entrance. Let's move!"

The End

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