Bypassing billion dollar security measures is harder than it looksMature


Cpt Lace

I carefully measured every breath as we slipped onto the deck silently. I wanted to ask Anderson if he had thought those guards had dead man sensors. But I was also afraid to ask, he was in command, and most likely already took that into consideration. So if I were to ask him, he would probably snap back at me, because it might sound stupid to him. Anyways I didn't mind if an alarm went off on there bridge so I can cut loose. I smile at the thought. Anderson motions forwards, I hesitate letting Riley past, I stare at the ground , and whistle just loud enough for the three of us to here.

" What is it Captain?" Anderson asks managing to spit when he whispers.

" Major don't you think the security is a little lax for a ship carrying a hydrogen bomb? Because I sure do." I hiss," Now I bet you anything around that corner are lasers that correspond with a transmitter that each soldier carries on them, but to any intruder it will most likely set off a loud alarm, unlike a dead man sensor that will relay to command point so it can be taken care of quietly without alerting the enemy." I say adding the dead man sensor in there more as a question did they even think of it.  Anderson nods his head in understanding as Riley rolls her eyes thinking I was playing it to cautious.

"Well captain, if you are so worried how would we test for the laser your talking about?" Anderson says quietly," And what would you advise to do to bypass such a security measure?"

" Sir, detecting the laser is the easy part." I say unshouldering my A.C.K, and uncovering the infrared scope scope. I look through it to see small strands of heat going across the ship deck each measuring approximately half of floor from each other.

"Looks like I was right." I whisper putting my gun down," Major  there is five ways  to deal with it. We find the control panel, and hardware for the lasers, and disconnect it or put it through a maintenance loop so it would essentially feeding the same information to the alarm.  Two, we take out three soldiers, take there transmitters. Three, we see if we can remotely hack the security system, and disable it. Four since the lasers are only a foot and a half off the ground we simply keep our feet above that point everywhere .Five we don't give a fuck, and set it off, and find a good hiding spot." I say knowing the last two were the stupidest options but plausible seeing that it was Anderson who was leading.

"We'll climb up there." Anderson points," And we'll traverse over to the three me Riley killed, take there transmitters, and then find the panel to put into the maintenance loop, or disable the system. To be double safe, but Captain for your sake try not to delay our mission unless completely necessary such as this. Understand?" Anderson says quietly stepping onto a foothold on a storage device.

"Understood , Major." I reply.

We both follow his movements as best as we could but he was much more efficient at parkour, and scrambling around then us. As well as he had the gear to do it. But eventually we make it there thankfully without setting an alarm off, well perhaps we already had if this ship was equipped with dead man sensors. With little struggling with multiple make shift tools we manage to get the transmitters, and we safely step onto deck. I check the seamen, for dead man sensors. I was relieved when I check the first two, and almost didn't check the other when Riley mentioned I was wasting time.

"Just a minute." I reply.

"What are you doing you perv?" Her voice quiet but strident, as the last soldier was a female, and found the sensor strapped to her breast.

"They know we're here." I say, showing them the sensor. Both make looks of worry, and ashamed that we screwed up. 

"We'll just have to do this before they put everything into lock down." Anderson says confidently, and I smile, knowing things we're just going to get more interesting.



The End

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