Feet first into hellMature

My squad walked into the back of the HT16 troop transport, or as Captain Lace like to call it, a Winged Dolphin. True, the front of the transport had a long, thin extension meant for radar which looked like a dolphins nose; but the mans lack of professional behaviour scared me. At the very least, he hasn't interfered with a mission yet. Still a little bit of hope for him.

I sat down in a chair, watching the ramp close. Captain Lace yelled "How are we getting on board the Harbinger?" My spine compressed as the transport rose and accelerated forwards.

I replied "We're doing a high altitude jump, sixty thousand feet with squirrel suits. Once we have visual of the Super Destroyer Harbinger, we will aim for the left aft section of the ship. Command says that area has less security due to an AA missles platform taking up all of the space. Once on board, we will go quiet and find that bomb."

Captain Lace yelled "Wait, we're landing on an AA position?!"

Besides him, Lieutenant Riley answered "Ever tried to hit a man with a missile? Also, their guidance systems work of heat, we won't be shedding much through our suits."

I grabbed my squirrel suit and started putting it on, staring hard at Captain Lace. I spat "Captain, you will address me by my rank when asking a question!"

Captain Lace softly mumbled "Wasn't asking you."

I ignored him and flicked the safety "on" on my Famas. Don't want to take the chance during a jump like this.

Captain Lace asked "Major, why exactly didn't Command brief all of us at the same time?"

"I was telling them how we would be doing this operation, not the other way around" I replied. I swung my Famas over my shoulder and took my knife out of my shoulder sheath, staring at Captain Lace. Don't screw this up.                                                                                      

The End

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