The Jack of both tradesMature


Cpt Spacer

I went down the depressing halls of the ship,each footstep relatively soundless compared to everyone else's. Room 66A, the door red. Voice recolonization.

"Spacer 142378." I say lazily, I lean on the door, and let walk into my room grab my just repaired armour.  Usually, I would have new one but this thing was tougher then my grandmothers croissants, and that was saying something. I am the mid ranged expert of the team, and also the best person to have to get the attention of the enemy or hold them off. Meaning a lot of bullets would be coming my way so I had to have protective gear that can take a lot of hits, but keep my mobility up so I can keep up with Commander Anderson. Now there was a cold kettle of fish, I mean I actually haven't seen him or heard him do this, but he is probably cold enough to shoot me if I was impeding or obstructing a mission.

That brought me to LT Riley,  she was emotionless as a brick, focused and quiet, and deadly. Its probably safe to say if my friend didn't warn me about her threatening to blow guys brains out for hitting on her, I would have been wasted long ago.  Still I liked the two, and would risk my life for the both of them, despite the fact I was the only one who ever let a smile loose. Well it kept me sane having to find new ways to get them to smile. I wasn't sure which one was harder to crack. Andserson or Riley? 

I picked up all my weapons at the armoury bringing a clip of sub sonic rounds, and for every sub-sonic round I brought auger bullets which where like armour piercing bullets on steroids,  could go through almost any surface, as long as the A.C.K  15's electro magnetic chamber was working properly.   I loved carrying around the 15 it was basically carrying a small rail gun with me. As for my P 160 I would have hallow points filled with Nitro-glycerin for maximum damage against human enemy's. Upon getting back to my comrades I apologize for my tardiness.

"Sorry guys, hallways where so busy, and you know me. Right?" I smile scratching my head before putting the helmet on it. 

"Your an JTF2, and your know better then a common soldier." Riley comments.

"On the outside." I grin, then point at my head," But in here is an elite special ops soldier. Besides, just because I'm a enjoy myself doesn't make me that bad,  you've seen me on the field."

"Yes I've seen you through a scope covering your sorry ass from trouble, its a wonder how you passed, or even achieved a higher rank than me." She said plainly. I just smile despite the insult.

"Alright so what are we doing, where we heading, and is this a shoot em up or more delicate mission?" I say smiling at both of them.

The End

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