The MarksmanMature

LT. Riley

"Sir," I said not bothering to salute and spun around. This was the first time I'd have to navigate the Mjoliner class Carrier, HMCS Dawn Treader, by memory. My thoughts drifted as I moved through the ship and down flights of stairs on auto-pilot. Commander Scott Anderson sure knew how to make friends, I chuckled at the thought. It didn't matter what mission our squad was assigned to he always got the mission done. When it came to diplomacy he was more apt to step on a of the higher-up's few toes. This earned him many demotions but somehow he always manged to regain rank for valor in the field of duty. I stopped at the large, guarded, bulkhead door.

"Lieutenant Scout, authorization Tango Foxtrot 26943." I glared at the soldier as he shakily opened the door. He had obviously not met a special forces operative before. The armory was large and well stocked for being on a ship. Assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, and rifles lined the walls. I glanced around looking for my tac-pack that had been sent ahead. I only used my specially customized weapons and armor. Glancing to my right, a smile lightly creased my lips. An urban camouflage bag was set by the ammunition cabinets.

Quickly I retrieved the pack and removed the broken down C3A1 rifle. In a few sharp movements, the rifle was whole again. The magazine locked in, holding silver tipped shells, armor piercing. Enough to puncture through lightly armored vehicles or walls.  I looked over my shoulder to see the twitchy guard looking in. I stood, spun around, and racked the bolt action. He lightly yelped an spun back to looking down the hall.

It took only 5 more minutes to grab the rest of my gear and pull on my cloaking armor that resembled a all black wet-suit. The armor was able to bend light around itself and cloak the wearer for any amount of time. While it wasn't complete invisibility it was damn near close. Swinging the rifle over my shoulder, I stepped out of the armory.

"I'd be careful next time you trying eyeing me." I growled just loud enough for the sailor to hear. His eyes widened as I placed my finger on my submachine gun's trigger. He nodded earnestly.

"Aie, aie, Ma'am." He said shutting the armory door. I turned about and headed down the 45E corridor and  ascended a few more flights of stairs. Going on an infiltration mission to tag an H-bomb, defiantly one of the more exciting mission's, I mused. Sighing I ran a hand across my shaved blonde hair. As a soldier of JTF2 I cared nothing for my fashion and only for function, long hair got in the way. Anderson came back into view, causing a stone cold expression to fall back on my face. I said nothing and just gave him a slight nod as I stood across from him. His sharp emerald eyes looked to my rifle as a scowl flashed upon his face. 

"We'll be working on a ship Lieutenant." His voice seemed to bark. 

"Aie, sir." I replied emotionless, my icy blue eyes staring up at his. His gaze narrowed but he said nothing more. We just stood waiting for the slowest of the squad to return.  

The End

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