In 2095, a 3 man squad of JTF2 soldiers sneak onto the English ship "Harbinger". Their objective is to detonate a Hydrogen Bomb on board and destroy a democratic fleet. It's the third year of the war between the North American Communists and the world.

The back of the Troop Transport looked dark. Little light made it through however it only served to help us find our gear. It really isn't even needed, we all trained to make headshots with literally zero visibility. The Transport banked left and after two minutes, shook with a soft landing. The ramp opened, revealing a dark sky. Waves crashed against the side of the ship. I walked out, looking at the ship. A Mjoliner class Carrier, that's rare. Only three of those in the fleet. My eyes looked for the end of the ship. The ship ended six hundred meters away. At least a hundred aircraft seemed to be on the top. I kept my Famas in my hands as I walked to the ships tower. I walked through an open hatch and down a flight of stairs, following the signs marked "Bridge."The Bridge is designed to withstand any bombardment, glass is just too weak. Cameras replaced an officers eyes. I made it to a locked hatch. I knocked on the hatch, yelling "Sir, authorization 79354309." 

The hatch opened, revealing an admiral. I walked inside and took a few steps to my left, allowing my squad to follow suite. I let my Famas drop as I saluted. The Admiral looked annoyingly at the safety on my gun. He growled "Turn your safety off."

I replied "Not gonna happen sir."

The Admiral yelled "Do you want to be in the brig?!"

"You know I am too valuable to replace or punish, so let's cut to the chase. What are our orders?" I yelled back.

Officers on the bridge looked at us with surprise. The Admiral stomped two feet in front of me. I stated "My drill sergeants were far scarier then you will ever be."

The Admiral backed up and stated "You're right, I do have a mission for you and your team. You will infiltrate the Harbinger and find it's Hydrogen bomb. You will then put a timer on it and wait for it to get close enough to it's fleet. A chopper may be standing by for pickup. You leave in three hours, get the hell of my bridge."

I nodded and stopped saluting, letting my hand grab my Famas again. Me and my team walked out of the bridge. My lieutenant asked "Why are you so damn stubborn?" 

I replied "Both of you, get to the armory and grab what you need. Be there in six minutes."



The End

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