Done With Running Away

I've never stayed around for anything. I've bailed on everyone who was ever there for me. I've ditched homes and families and friends and schools. I still cant stand the look in his eyes, the one that says I tore his family apart.

That was last year. The year I made amends with the first boy I loved. The year I said goodbye to the girl I would never be good enough for. The year I packed my bags and started all over again.

Now I've found someone to stay for. A beautiful angel, all tangled black hair and those dark eyes I just cant avoid. He'll be the one to save me, that's for sure. When my world feels like it's crashing in, he'll be the one to hold it up. To cover me from the falling dust.

I dont have anymore tears to cry, not over pointless things. Maybe I cant deny that I did those things or said those words, or even that I meant it every step of the way. I cant ever say I didnt love them, those people who just didnt make it to my now.

All I can do is move forward. Hold on to something worth holding onto. Like the hand of the boy who has stolen my heart. And stop running. It doesnt make much sense to run when I'm already where I need to be.

The End

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