I think that this year...

I think this year I might be more.

I think I might stop claiming, and start doing.

I'll start wearing a hat. I quite like triby's, so I think it will be one of them that I will wear.

I'll start rocking the gypsy traveller look I think. Not massively, just a touch of bohemian. There isn't enough bohemian anymore, I think I'll bring it back.

I think that this year I will actually revise. I know this year I probably won't, but luckily by realising that I will try to defy my own assumptions. Take that Izzy, I know you better than you thought!

I think that this year I will pray every night to keep my friends, only the real ones, and granted there aren't many, but I love my group of misfits. I know this year that I will stay close to them all, and I know I will next year too.

I think that next new years we should all play monopoly again. I think next time I'll win.

I think that this year, I still won't be able to read all the books I have.

I think this year I might finally start to be me. I think I'll write, and I'll laugh, and probably drink more than I aught. I think that I'll do some things which may indicate questionable moral values, and I think that I don't care.

I think this year, I'll buy some more jeans.

I think this year I'll hold more parties.

I think that this year, it is all going to change.

And I think that this year is going to be Brilliant.

The End

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