A New Year brings new thoughts

Every year we here lectures about 'New Years resolutions' and so on. I often try to do them, I honestly want to change things, but after January I often forget them. THis year will be different, this year needs to change.


  • This year I plan on studying better and passing my GCSEs with flying colours
  • This year I hope to strengthen old frienships, and make new ones
  • This year I wish to take care of myself, less couch potato and more action!
  • This year I think I'll tell more people that I love them
  • This year I will be more encouraging to my family and friends
  • This year I shall accept change with grace and poise
  • This year I am going to make a difference

It's going to be different, in a good way. The New Year brings in a New Start, let's make it a good start, and reflect on the finish of the last year that we just ended.


The End

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