There once was a woman who wanted a change.
The New Year's, she said, What better way?
So with pencil she sat, and thumped on her brow
But she couldn't extract any changes at all!

Some of my friends (on Facebook, where else?) have complained that New Year's is just an excuse to make up silly rules to follow- if you really wanted a change, why wait until the New Year comes? If you are serious about it, perhaps you should make the change and the commitment right away! But it is nice to have a specific, memorable time to look back to. Another friend quit smoking for New Years last year, and it gives her such pride to be able to pinpoint that exact time.

Personally I am not one for resolutions. I know that saying I will change is not enough to get that change moving forward. For me, the New Year is something of Opportunity- every year of my adult life has had something life changing and definitive, and I can not wait to find out what this year's will be. Will my husband get transferred out of state with his new position? Will I conceive a little girl? Will I go into a writing frenzy and churn out some of the ideas waiting to be released? Will I get this business started and be happy and successfull with it? Most years I could not have imagined where the year would take my family and I, and I am okay with that. Each bend in the road is one that will take me somewhere to learn more about myself and about the world.

Welcome to 2011, everyone!

The End

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