Just Another Year in Life

That's all the New Year really is, and yet people are so eager to celebrate that one second in transition from one year to the next. Hell, I'm one of those people, so I can see where everybody else is coming from. And yet, like everything else, I want to see it though another angle.

As I look out my window and unto the neighborhood I've known for all my life, I know nothing has really changed, sans the presence of fireworks lighting up the night sky. It's still the same old world going through its cycles of everyday life. And yet, there are new faces joining in everybody else's celebration of that one second in passing, and old ones leaving the rest, off to wherever their new destination is.

I open up that window and its screen; it may be the winter season, but spring temperatures inhabit, at lest where I live. It's just one out of many things that went out of whack in the recent years. Like the BP Oil Spill, the economic recession worsening, the war in the Middle East continuing. And yet, everybody is able to look past those things, in that one passing second, look wherever they want to, and think to themselves that this year, they'll make their lives better, one way or another (although I cannot speak for everyone when I say that).

Shutting and locking it, I turn from my window and look around my small, square room. The only thing different there would be my lack of a bookcase, having moved it to my sister's room, who's out celebrating the New Year with her friends, as well as my other sister. I can understand wanting to spend this time with your friends, but the way the would just leave to do so, skipping dinner with our mom and step-father, family time, just makes me really frustrated. To me, there are little things more important than your family, who help and support you when you really need it. You need to love and cherish them for what they are (there being exceptions in some cases). And yet, they're my older sisters, who have loved and supported me for all of my life, like any other family would do, I can't stay mad at them forever, not for an hour, not even in that passing second, especially on something that can easily be forgiven, since they're my family.

I plop down on my bed and open up my laptop, looking at my Facebook, seeing all the statuses about the New Year, expressing their joy through smiley faces and all-caps. With lots of exclamation points, can't add enough of those. They're the same old people that I've known for the past years, whether they being friends from my childhood that I hold so dearly to my heart or they being acquaintances that I met probably not even half this year. They're still the same. And yet, in that one passing second, they're happy, looking forward to something, not thinking about whatever horror they have experienced the past year, not thinking about the anxieties that they felt as the break draws closer to a close, just thinking in that one moment that they can express and share their happiness to their friends and family, no matter where they are, through a second of typing and one click of the mouse, because friendship is one of the most important things in your life (and other clichés like that).

Thinking about these things can really be bothersome on your mind, and yet I can't help but smile. It's contagious, you know. You can be at a party, with the ones you love, or at a simple gathering, and if nobody else will, there will be that one person who loves life enough to cheer and give life to the whole crowd of zombies. And yet, even when you're alone, watching the seconds go by on the clock, watching the seconds click by, all the way up to that little, tiny passing second into the New Year, you can't help but think of the good things that happened in that last year, maybe mixed in with the failures that you just can't shake off, and think, "Okay, this year is over. What am I going to do now?" so you either formulate plans to make the baby-fresh year the greatest year ever, or lie around, just plain enjoying the moment while it lasts.

Personally, I prefer the latter option. And yet... why not share these ranting, jumbled thoughts?

And fifty minutes later, as I finish this post, I think about what I just wrote. Is it jumbled, or is it clear? I like complete quality in my work. And yet... in this passing second, I just want to have fun.

And thus I click to Publish.

The End

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