New Years Resolutions From The Crossroads Of Offyour Noodleton

If 2010 were a person, I would slap him or her upside the head. Several times. Or maybe not. Maybe he or she would do better with a stern talking to instead. Regardless, 2010 has some real explaining to do.

And now that its finally over, I have some things to accomplish.

 This New Year, I will write a little bit of my infuriatingly unfinished novels every day until one or both of them are complete. No exceptions, unless I'm sick or have the brain worms or something. Write every day. Doesn't matter if its several words or several paragraphs, just DO it, me! And I shall reward myself with delicious baked goods, and hopefully, the enjoyment of my friends and readers, without whom I probably wouldn't have considered myself a writer!

This New Year, I will try to get over the fact that I live in a world half empty AND half full, and move on. The doom and gloom is holding me back, y'dig? And I will do something about it, not stand around a be a hypocrite who talks about the world's misery but doesn't go out there and change it. 

This New Year I will get in shape, because twice the couch and computer chair has tried to eat me during those possessed-by-Beezlbub-and-Nyarlathotep-in-a-pissy-mood moments. And don't even get me going on the giant face-eating egg rolls. That gag's getting rather old. Hee hee.

This New Year, I will search for the truth. Well, more. I want to know why you can change the behavior of an atom just by THINKING about it. Seriously. 

This New Year, I will gather memories in place of what was lost. So many stories, and none of them fictional. And they deserve to be told, for the sake of those who can't be here to say them out loud or write them in cursive on yellowed journal paper.

This New Year, I will become less of a procrastinator about that quivering alien monstrosity known as "new math" and get caught up. Or else Mr. Thomason, the insectoid substitute teacher, will give me an F and steal my appendix for a casserole.

Gosh I have really weird ways of motivating myself.

Peace out, peeps, and have a fantastic New Year!

The End

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