HELOO 2011!!

This new year I hope the world keeps spinning.

This new year, I want to gain supper powers and save the world from distruction.

I want to soar like an eagle, eat like a pig, have the ears of a bat, and the sight of  binoculars (infra red ofcourse.)

Train to be a champion kick-boxer

Learn to swim...(hey, I can have humble dreams)....in the sky!!!!

Meet a real greek God, and have supper in the court of the Queen of Hearts.

Meet a vampire, and make him want to be vegitarian, "Human's are friends, not food!"

Fall in love with a warewolf, who's hotter than Jacobe Black (Twilight referance!)

Learn to speak "dog" (Im already half way there, "woof woof...bark, arf!" )

And if I can't finish it this year, I'll always have next year! So I guess my main goal is...

Have a reason to continue on without wanting to ever give up...

Happy new year all you crazy outragiou over the top "dreaming up fantisy" people! As long as your dreams have nothing to do with "death" or pain, evil, or World Domination...may they come true!! =)

The End

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