So Much For 2010!

2010, overall has not been the perfect year. I’ve had exams, coping with being an outcast teenager (although most of us feel isolated from others at times) and life changing decisions. If it weren’t for my friends (A.K.A the weirdoes) and most of my family helping through this year, I fear I would not have seen the end of 2010. Or at least have a smile on my face by the time they release the fireworks and everyone cries, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I also have New Year resolutions. Ten of them in total. I seem to have a thing about that number. *Laughs.* This is a first for me, as usually I don’t bother with them.

1)      Pass exams with flying colours (ha-ha in my dreams).

2)      Be more optimistic and believe more in myself.

3)      Dye my hair different colours – so far I’ve tried only Black Cherry (Dark Red/Purple) and Starry Night (Cosmic Blue).

4)      Smile more.

5)      Fall in love with someone who is worth the heartbreak and not just some idiot wrapped in tin foil.

6)      Draw more in my free time.

7)      Be more compassionate and understanding.

8)      Try to be more spontaneous, but don’t be irresponsible.

9)      Help out more at home.

10)   Further myself in Creative Writing – after all, my life’s dream is to become a successful writer.


So let’s hear it for 2010! Maybe next year will be better. (:

The End

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