Getting Famous

Getting Famous = doing something + having people know you did something

This 'something' will vary on what you would feel capable and comfortable being known for; a work of literature or filmography (if stuck, plagarism is the second and best resort), astounding jokes (caution: may turn over to 'being the joke'), or something else of merit.

To be known, word gets around very quickly in some circles. Choose wisely, and the world will know in 24 hours. Disclaimer: these methods have not all been tested and approved by all authorities.

a. Over the internet; blogs,  twitter (or other social networking sites), or by more reputable sites such as Protagonize

b. Through own networks; friends, highflying siblings etc

c. Spam mail: nothing goes round faster than an email with 'send 3 times and have luck for life' on the bottom.

d. Murder; if only on your country's most wanted list, you will have your 15 minutes of fame. (NOT recommended) 

Get Famous!

The End

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