Happy Ending

Life is complex : solve it.

Happy Ending = Find a prince(ss) + fall in love + get married.

There are several different methods here.  Effectiveness has not been proven on them all. Health warning: it is not always possible to predict the results.

Privately (to avoid others trying the same), open Wikipedia or a search engine and type in "Single Prince(sse)s" or "Family Tree of Royal Family (insert country's name here)".  When the results come up, find a (fe)male of the right age group. You may wish to see photos before deciding on your candidate. Proceed as you wish from the following subsections:

a. Love letters/poetry - show your devotion in print, parchement and rose petals.

b. Stalk - find where the candidate lives and stake out until the candidate bumps into you or you are asked to leave by security. This gives the simple message of "I know where you live".

c. Kidnap - the way to show extreme interest. Avoid carrying phones and wait for 'Stockholm' to set in.

Happy Ending!

The End

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