Happiness isn’t a constant state or something that will stay forever- it’s a phase that will come and go just like everything else in life.

And happy endings don’t exist because in real life because you can’t just close a book and pretend it’s all over because it’s not. It’s never over. There’s always a new chapter, a new page, a new something that keeps us going.

So there can be happy moments, happy days, happy times, a whole collection of perfect memories. But it’s never a happy ending; just a happy to-be-continued.

There’s always a new mountain to climb, and every finish line crossed is just the beginning of a new race. And it may not be easy or what you hoped for but life is just full of curveballs and the only thing that matters is whether you rise to the challenge or let it strike.

Whether you let those moments of pain destroy you or make you stronger because everything is in your control. You want to be able to look back on your life one day and smile because you had those good old days;because you didn’t let the danger scare you. You worked through your depression looking for a way to smile- and did it.

Because no matter how perfect a fairy tale is, it can never compare to the reality of being happy. Of being with who makes you happy. Of doing what makes you happy. Being happy beats a happy ending. It’s real.

The End

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