Happily Ever After

A little piece inspired by nothing in particular. The main character has obviously been through something upsetting.

As he flicked the radio on, haunting strains of music filled the air like the echoing screams of the damned. Slowly twisting the volume knob to its maximum, the sound continued to crescendo, almost as if growing more fevered with volume. Just when the music reached its loudest, he threw his head back and-


It was an inhuman sound, rising above the blaring music like a tortured phoenix from ashes of crimson. His screech grew raw and distorted as it drew out, anguish overtaking his voice.

When he was done, the loud music diffused into white noise, leaving nothing in the wake of his moment of madness.

A moment of silence, then...

"And they lived happily ever after." He whispered, his voice a broken mess of crackling and rasps, inaudible under the deafening sounds from the radio. A single tear crawled down the side of his face, leaving a glistening trail of drowned sorrows and unspoken regrets.

The End

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