Mercutio; Does it feel good to be right all the time?Mature

I hated myself. How had all this happened! My entire life was falling in and I was supposed to be the genius moving up a grade! Juliette had started talking to me again, but really it was just tepid small talk, and the occasional bitch about Tybalt.

I didn't even want to think his name anymore, I couldn't even think of the individual letters in my head. But his name burned a hole in my mind. a hole like the scars on my fluff covered head.

My hair was starting to grow back.. I looked like an egg covered in breaks and fluff. The person, if that's what you could categorize him as, didn't even have to pay for it.

My mam was being as protective as ever, happy in her own relationship with my nurse. The got on well, he was a lot nicer than her previous boyfriends and i hoped she wouldn't get hurt. But it wasn't my place to do anything anyway.

I felt like a zombie. Worse - I was a ghost. There wasn't anything of me left.

I was taken to the doctors and prescribed Zoloft 150mg for depression. It doesn't seem to be working much yet.

Why was this happening - my school work wasn't suffering - in fact I seemed to be more devoted to it without having my friends around me.

Darren didn't call anymore. Romeo was distant, in his own turmoil. I don't know about anyone else.

I feel so selfish, like I've closed up to everything but myself, occasionally seeking other matters for contrast. It was bleak. I'm just unable to see the sunlight, unable to hear laughter.

I had found out that being right wasn't happy thing, it was good, it was right; but it never is the happy thing.

The End

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