I Was WarnedMature

You were right.

I messaged to Merc. It was lunch and I was sitting with my friends, and Tybalt was with his friends. Good thing he was, or else I would probably rip off his dick. I had broken up with him, because I couldn't take the rumors. I felt like such an outcast, although my friends still loved me.

I couldn't believe he had AIDS. He was such a dirty manwhore, and he knew it. He kept looking at me, and I kept looking at him. He wasn't talking to his friends, but every so often they would say something, and he'd yell at them or laugh.

After lunch he tried to talk to me, but I walked away. Or tried to.

"Juliette!" He yelled, I was a few feet away from him.

"Don't talk to me EVER again Tybalt. You are a dirty pig who is heartless. You don't care about anything but yourself. The only head you use is the tip of your dick which makes every goddamned decision for you. Everything Merc said about you was true. Everything everyone has said about you is true. " I spat at him. Everyone was staring at us but I didn't care. I turned around and went to class, leaving Tybalt standing there with a blank expression, and his friends behind him, not quite knowing what to do.

The End

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