Mercutio - Back to school, back to normality?Mature

Going back to school with a shaved head, stitches that gave a frankensteinian air and morphine patches on my arms was odd.But the worse thing, I swear, every five seconds I'm not there to help her, Juju does something stupid. Shayne was like a man lost, repeating endlessly about a text. I asked to see it and he turned away pointing to his mobile phone on the lunch table.

I searched his in-box and found it contained one lonely message - from Juliette.

"I don't know how to put this, I'm embarrassed to text this but not brave enough to ring or say in person. I think we should stop seeing each other. JuJu x" I have a horrible habit of reading aloud and to the sound of the words Shayne burst into tears. Never before had I seen him cry. Ever. I comforted him but I'm not sure if it helped much. I need to speak to my cousin, something smells like grease and sex, like a Tybalt interference.

I found Tybalt first, lord knows I dove right in. "What the hell are you doing? Fucking with all sorts of girls was ok to me as long as you stayed your distance from her."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you're tired."

"I've been relaxing almost not-stop in a hospital bed thanks to you, I don't think I need more rest."

"Chill man. Juliette made her own decision."

"Yeah, I suppose you don't tell her everything though. Just tell her enough to ruin any chance of a relationship she could have."

"I've told her everything."

"Told her about Marie, the 21 year old slut with AIDS?"

"W-w-what? She has AIDS? Shit motherfucking bollocks cunt, I didn't use protection. But I did tell her."

"And how you have had sex with every girl you could charm?"

"She knows, I don't need to say."

"You could have an STD named after you, Fatal Tybalts Disease."

"Shut the fuck up Merc,I could finish that wonderful scar on your head, it doesn't look deep enough."

"Trust me, I don't care anymore. You've fucked up everythign for my family, from your stupid stunts we played as children to this. I can't see what she wants from you. You're disgusting." On that I turned on my heels and left the scene, I was late for french Maths anyway, it was my last lesson in this grade and I was sure Mrs. Kyle had something planned. Tybalt stood there motionless for a few seconds, when I looked back to see if he followed I could have vomitted. Juliette and him. Hugging and kissing and feeling each other us as if no one else could see. I pretended not to see and went into Maths.

Mrs. Kyle had somehow managed to get the lesson free for us to watch a film. I wasn't paying any attention. Romeo and I sat at the back and were talking. 

"So you said she was just in the corridor snogging him?"

"Yeah, it was sickening." I made a mock sick face putting my finger into my throat.

"That explains the text then."

"You were texted too, Shayne was a ruined man at lunch, I saw his."

"Yeah, mine was basically she didn't want to see me or anyone again, she was confused when she kissed me et cetera et certera. It was long."

"She kissed you? How many guys has she kissed. I need to nip this in the bud. But how?"

"Fuck knows." The end of lesson bell chimed. Home.

"Want to join me at my house for schemeing and food?"

"Yeah, got a fag, I feel like having one after this."

"I quit, so only whats left in my room."

"Better not then."

We walked home avoiding the route to Juliette's, something needed to be done.

The End

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