Turning OverMature

Her name was Maria, and she was 21 with huge tits and streaked blonde hair. Her ice blue bikini barely covered her crotch, and she was topless.

"It's so hot out here," she whispered in my ear, slipping her fingers under the zipper of my jeans. "Let's skinny dip."

"Now?" We were lying side-by-side on the beach, and I could see the lights of the party we had just escaped from flashing a little ways down the shore. Wild laughter floated across the darkness.

"Yes. Sexy." Her voice was breathy on my neck, and then on my lips as she rolled me over and began to move on top of me, rhythmically. I felt her experienced fingers pulling the denim down over my legs, and then they slipped inside the elastic of my boxers and suddenly I was rock-hard, and it felt good. "Pretend it's Juliette," I whispered to myself as she rubbed me, moaning, and in a moment I pictured Juliette's beautiful, perfect face, and Maria's kisses were her kisses. Suddenly I wanted her.

"Let's go into the water," I murmered, and, pulling off my shirt, I grabbed her hand and led her into the dark mass of waves. The water was waist high and cold, but it quickly grew warm. Our hands were on and over eachother, and the water only made everything feel smoother. I knew she was drunk, and I was high, and we were moving too fast, but I didn't care anymore. I didn't care. I felt her bikini bottoms leave her, helped her pull them off, and they floated away, somewhere far from the heat of the moment.

"Juliette," I had to moan as her lips, hot and sticky, crawled down my chest, closer and closer to the goal. I don't think she noticed. I don't think she would have cared.

When I entered her, she was already coming.

The End

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