Mercutio - She did what?Mature

Juilette visited me again today, and she told me - I could've smacked her if I didn't have a cannula basically paralysing my right hand.

"That devious son of a bitch!"

"It's not like that!"

"Not like what - He tries to rape you, he smacks me though a glass table and into the pool, but you kissed him and it all disappears like that? I thought you had more sense."

"Now listen Mercutio. He kissed me, but then I did kiss him back..." She looked kind of lost in her thoughts.

"And what about Shayne? If you don't tell him, I bloody well will."

"I'm going to tell him - I just don't know how."

"So you'll be all like, 'Oh heya Shayne, guy I've fancied since before I was even born, I kissed the guy who tried to rape me and tried to kill my cousin and it made me happy, wanna go behind the bike-sheds and I'll show you how he did it?"

"I knew you'd be like this?"

"How else am I supposed to react?"

"I don't know. But when he kissed me it was like he wasn't the Tybalt we know now - He was the sweet guy I used to date and you were best mates with."

"Look at your operative word there 'used to'; that guy is long gone, he's a manipulative, arrogant motherfucker."

"And you're not? You basically do the same things."

"I am not like that ARGH there aren't words to describe how wrong that is!"

"I can - you both smoke, are players with women..."

"Shut-up, I have now - this instance - Given up smoking, don't need it! And for the women thing, dream on, he says a few nice words, fucks 'em the dumps them quicker than you could say 'Told you so'. I am still a virgin, I have had dates, I have had serious relationships, and so what if I flirt if it doesn't go anywhere. Wake up Juju, you're making excuses!"

"And so what if I am? What if I decided I wanted to go out with him again?"

"I'd think you're a stupid whore like the rest of the girls he's gone out with and I'd rip out his kidneys though his balls." God I was calm about this! "And Shayne."

She looked at the floor. "Maybe he was just a crush and I was stupid to say yes."

"You're only saying that because of that shitting, bloody, motherfucking, ARGH Tybalt."

"Watch your language."

"I am, I could use stronger."

I stared at my stupid ass cousin for a few moments when my mam walked in.

"Hey guys. Can I speak to Merc alone Juju?"

"I was just leaving." She shot a cold glance back at me and smiled at my mam as she left. "See you soon Aunt Violet."

My mam sat down on my bed. "What was that about - I heard a few choice words and if looks could kill well I want to know if you're ok."

"I'm fine mam, but Juliete needs her head sorting out."


"Don't worry, just a little argument. Anyway, how did dad react when you told him about the IQ test and everything?"

"Well, unfortunate for us, he had to hear it at the same time as hearing about this and he's coming to Miami with his new girlfriend, or should I say, fiancée. And that reminds me - School sent this."

She handed me A brown envelope, unopened.

"Why didn't you open it?"

"I wanted you to read it, it's addressed to you." I opened the envelope and started to read. blah blah blah, my name, blah blah blah, congratulations blah blah, your IQ test has be re scheduled blah blah blah yours sincerely Miami State School.

"I'm moving up a grade."

"Yay, so what does it say?" She ripped the paper from my hands and scanned, her lips moved as she read, it was funny. " It says 'Due to constant outstanding grades and recommendations from your French, Maths, English, Science, German, IT, Woodwork and Personal Studies teachers you are going to be promoted an academic year next term. Congratulations Mr Robins.' I'm so proud!" I got a bone crushingly tight hug.

"Boobs. Too. Big. Can't Breathe. Let. Go. Or. You'll. Have. A. Dead. Genius."

"They aren't too big - I was told they suited my frame well."

"Yes but you aren't used to hugging with them yet."

"Oh yeah! So do you need anything?"

"Yeah - can you chuck these away?" I passed her the cigarettes.

"Genius - it's going to your head but I like the way it's going!" She tossed it into the bin only to miss because the nurse was in the way.

"Excuse me, but there's a man outside claiming to be your father."

"Send him in doctor, I'm going to go get a coffee anyway."

"I'm a nurse."

"I didn't know men could be nurses?"

"Yeah." He picked up the pack of cigarettes on the floor and put them on my table.

"No - I've quit."

"That's good. Erm, this is most probably against regulation but seeing as you're not infectiously ill - Can I take them?"

"Sure - Mam, when you're out can you get me something to keep my mind off the fags?"

"Actually can I share a few with you? Oh and yeah."

"Go ahead - I'm on break, there's a staff and family smoking area downstairs."

"Ok - I'll see you when your father's gone - I love you!"

The End

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