Everything's Deeper Than It SeemsMature

Stacey, Becca, Carissa, Nicole and I all sat in my room, Stacy and Becca on my bed, Carissa and Nicole on my futon, and me in my window, one leg hanging out, the cool fall breeze making the room feel great.

"You kissed him?!" Becca asked? Her eyebrows raised.  I nodded, looking out the window. They were all spending the night, and we had to catch up with everything that happened.

"But he tried to rape you!" Stacey whispered, shivering. Yes I was talking about Tybalt. You probably thought I was talking about Romeo. No. That was to be a secret.

"Not technically. He just undid my zipper, then Romeo walked in."

"He pushed Merc through a glass table!" Nicole nearly yelled. She absolutely hated Tybalt. I'm amazed she hadn't smacked me already.

"Yes, and he apologized. I talked to him on Tuesday-he was in jail on Monday-  and that's when he kissed me. I kissed him back only because he was being really sweet. Yeah I know, so what? But he reminded me of when we were going out. Before all of this shit happened." I told them, my eyes constantly darting from the floor to my front yard, and back to the floor.

"Does Shayne know?" Carissa asked, giving me a stern look.

"No, but I'm going to tell him... I just don't know when, or how. It's not like I could just go up to him and say 'Hey Shayne Tybalt kissed, me and um, oh yeah... I kissed him back! I kinda liked it too. So what's been going on recently? See any good movies?'" I replied, my voice light and cheery.

They all shook their heads disaprovingly. I know they were all just looking out for me. They didn't want me to get hurt again. I'm a big girl I could handle myself. At least I hoped so.

The End

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