Romeo: LoveMature

Shit, shit, shit. It was happening and I couldn't stop it. I was falling for Juliette yet... I still loved Allie. Shit. I was at the moment not really doing anything. I had to stay home cause I had caught the flu and I wasn't able to see Allie cause of family buisness.

I was meant to be thinking about Allie but I couldn't get Juliette out of my mind. Then the doorbell went. I stumbled down stairs in only my tracksuit bottoms and opened the door. Juliette for a moment stared and I blushed slightly. "Uh...."

"I brought your homework" she says shoving it at me. I take it and sort of fidget a bit.

"Do you.... wanna come in?" I ask.

"Um, sure" she says and slips in.

"I'll just go grab a shirt" I mumble and stumble up stairs. Juliette follows but waits outside my room. I opened the door when I'm dressed not expecting to find her so close. I stuttered and Juliette blushed stepping away. Wait... blushed? I focused on her more closely trying not to stare.

"Shall I take you through the homework then its complicated" she said calmly.

"Sure" I replied. I grabbed my stuff and we went down stairs sitting on the couch. "Oh wait, do you want a drink?"

"That would be nice" she whispered setting the homework out in order.

"I missed a lot huh?" I chuckled as I left. I grabbed two cans of coke coming back to find Juliette taking deep breaths. "Are you okay?"

She jumped in her seat and looked up at me. "Yes, I'm fine" she said taking the drink from my hand and taking a big swig. I shrugged and sat down. Its then a text came through. I pulled out my phone and smiled cause of course it was Allie. I replied then turned to Juliette who was just finishing up her own text.

"Okay, lets start from morning lessons" she said then began to explain. Sometimes she stumbled a bit and I understood most of it so it was easy for her. 30 minutes in we decided to take a break. I heaved a sigh and looked towards Juliette. Once again she was closer than I thought and our lips brushed. I felt shivers down my spine and shockes throughout my body.

Juliette drew in a sharp breath and I couldn't help but press my lips back to hers. The feeling was like something I never felt before it made my entire body tingle with a sort of shock. To my surprise though.... Juliette kissed back. She held my face delicately pulling it towards hers. Her soft delicate which is when realization hit me. I pulled away and slowly Juliette eyes lost their dreamy state to become filled with horror and guilt.

"Allie" I whispered.

"Shayne" Juliette choked.

"We can't let them find out" I said feeling a sort of sadness tug at me. I wanted Juliette back in my arms already and that frightened me. "I think you should go home"

Without any protest of hesitation Juliette left not without first giving me her phone number. Oh god, what was I to do?

The End

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