My Troubles On YouMature

Why did Tybalt do this? I am the one who hit him, and of course Romeo, but Merc didn't do anything. I should've listened to my mom when she told me violence doesn't solve anything. I pushed my way past the doctors who didn't want to let me in, and they almost had to hold me back until Merc told them to let me in. I walked up to his bed slowly, moving Darren out of the way.

"Tybalt?" I asked him, my voice so quiet it was barely audible. I saw Merc nod. He wasn't all that bloody, but you could see the parts where the glass had gotten him. 

"There's no proof that Tybalt did it. Merc was outside by himself and then I heard a crash and saw him all bloody with glass into him. Tybalt wasn't anywhere around, but he was still at the party. The police came and the ambulance came and they arrested Tybalt, because of the threat he made, but the police said they will probably have to release them because there are only suspicions against him." Darren told me. He looked mad, but also confused. "Why would he do this?"

I shrugged. My aunt was in the room, so I didn't want to tell him anything. "I'll talk to him." I told Merc. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. "I think he's tired. We should go." I told everyone. Merc was as close to a brother I had. Yeah we had rich families, but they didn't pay as much attention to us as they should. They just cared about how they looked to the neighbors.


"Tybalt." I called out. The hallway stopped, and Tybalt turned around.

"Want what your cousin got?" He asked.

"I need to talk to you." I said, grabbing his hand and into a closet. Yeah I know it looked slutty, but everyone knew what happened. It was as good as I could do with the circumstances.  "Why did you do that?" I asked him, closing the door. It was cramped in the closet, but I didn't care.

"He pissed me off." Tybalt said, still trying to keep up the bad boy act.

"Listen here Tybalt. He didn't do shit to you. If you're gonna get pissed at someone, get pissed at me, or Romeo. Mostly me. Maybe even Shayne because he's my boyfriend, but still, me. What do you want?"

"You." Tybalt whispered, looking down. I lifted his face to mine. I looked deep into his eyes and could tell deep down really deep down there was a sweet guy.

"You pushed my cousin into glass!" I told him, my eyes filling with tears.

"I'm sorry Ju-bear."

"Don't.Call.Me.That." I said, tears streaming down my face.

"What happened to us?" He asked, wiping my tears away with a finger.

"You turned into a dick. All you wanted was sex, and to be the most popular guy in school. You were so sweet, and you still are, but you are so caught up in this bad boy act! Be you. I know you Ty, you are an amazing guy. After we broke up you thought you had to be this bad boy, and then started having sex with all these whores." Tybalt looked hurt. I was sorry, but he needed the truth. When we went out last year, he treated me like a princess.

He grabbed my waist and pushed his lips against mine. First the kiss was hard, but then it turned soft, and good. We kissed for about a minute and then I shoved him off of me. "Ohmygod." I mumbled and ran out of the closet. I got a tardy pass, and used the excuse that my locker was jammed. I saw Shayne in class and sat by him.

"So you talked to Tybalt?" He asked, grabbing my hand. I nodded. "How did it go?"

"Good. He apologized."

"So he did do it." I nodded once more and then went on to my work, my finger to my lips.

I'm in some deep shit. I don't know how I feel about Shayne, Romeo, or Tybalt.

The End

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