Mercutio Leonardo Robins, Genius?Mature


The rest of the day was really boring, Mrs. Kyle asked if she could have a meeting with my parents in note sent to English... it was read out. All I could think was fuck my life.

I biked home with Darren until he had to turn into his road; then I pegged it to mine to get ready. I locked the bike inside the garage - after the fiasco with Tybalt I wasn't being careless.

"Hey Mam. Going to Darren's. Sleepover. Back tomorrow. Love you." I pecked her cheek and hopped it upstairs.

"Ok Merc. Get changed and come down though. School rang."

"k Mam."

I slipped off my school clothes and chucked on something more party and emptied my bag out and filled it with clothes, toiletries and my baccy tin. I trudge downstairs.

"So, Mercutio Leonardo Robins..."

"Look Mam, I can explain."

"Explain what? They want a meeting with your father and I. Not that he'll be coming, knowing him."


"Well, would you care to explain?"

"I'm not in trouble."

"I know that ya numbskull. Why act stupid all the time?"

"I get perfect grades!"

"Yes, but you slack off in lessons."

"Proves that they're all boring farts."

"Proves that you need to move up a grade."


"No buts. They want you to take an IQ test too. I could have a genius for a son." She hugged me.

"Cant. Breathe. Boobs. Squishing. Me."

"Oh shurrup. I heard about your performance in maths."

"Yeah. Anyway must get going."

 I re-pick up my bag and go to leave.

"Want me to phone your father?"

"Nah, he wouldn't be interested."

"You're right. But being the guilty sod he is he might put a bit in your college fund."

"Yeah, go for it then. Love ya Mam!" I slam the front door and start the short walk to Darrens. Man this party was going to be great.

We set off at 7. When we got there Tybalt was shirtless and bleeding profusely into his shirt, some bimbo cradling him like a baby. I couldn't see Juju, Shayne, Romeo or Allie.

"You - I'm gonna get you. You and your bitch cousin are gonna get it." He stood up and was walking over to me, still dripping from his nose.

"Woah man, whatcha talking about?"

"Your frigid ass cousin and that whiny emo did this."

"Look. If you're being a prat I'm not gonna listen. I'm going to get a drink, have a few rollies and enjoy the party."

"Fucking Nerd. I'll get you when you least expect it."

"Yeah yeah, stop being a hot head and get to your groupies." I turned my back to him and started for the drinks table.

Then it when black and I felt really warm, really wet and then I feel into the pool. I heard someone scream. "Omigod, he's dead!" I bloody hope not. I felt some arms around my torso and It felt cooler. I blacked out.

"Mercutio Robins?"


"Stay calm young man. I'm Terrence and you're in the back of an ambulance, we're taking you to Miami Hospital. You need an operation, there's glass embedded in your skull and you've lost a lot of blood."

"Wha, who?"

"The police have arrested Tybalt Hurley. Now stay still. You're being pumped with morphine and you're going to have an operation."


"Stay in there man." I felt Darren clasp my hand and I blacked out again.

The End

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