Romeo: Allie or JuilietteMature

I don't know whether I punch Tabult cause what he were doing was wrong or because I had a sudden burst of possesiveness over Juiliette. I held Allie firmer in my lap as we watched the film.

She was who I wanted. She felt feeling for me. I looked up at her sweet face and smiled. She noticed and smiled back before... kissing me. Her lips were soft and sweet as I remember them from so long ago. I almost moaned but the kiss was over to soon and that would of been awkward. "Guys, we're gonna leave" Allie announced. I raised my eyebrow and she smiled at me.

"Okay" everyone said in a jumble and we left without disturbing there film. I took Allie back to my house where Kate was. She smiled.

"Nice to see you again, Allie"

"Nice to see you too. Is it okay if I stay over?" she asked surprising me again.

"Of course its not problem. Heard about the divorce that was terrible"

"Divorce?" I said dumbly.

"My mum split from my dad. She renounced her catholic faith" Allie said.

"Anyway, you're welcome to stay, Allie"

She smiled and pulled me along. "So, where's your room?" I showed it her and she tugged me to the bed instantly. She lied me down and snuggled up to my side before giving me another of her sweet kisses.


"Yeah?" she said with a tilt of her head.

"About the couple thing and all this...."

"Oh, was I being bossy, again? I'm so sorry"

I chuckled. "No, not bossy just surprising. Nice surprises as well" I finished with a smile. She smiled back and we fell asleep like that in each others arms. I couldn't though... stop thinking about what happened with Juiliette.

The End

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