Wrong TrianglesMature

I was supposed to be talking to him, but he wasn't talking. It was more like I was sitting there hoping he would say something and it didn't happen. He was waayyyy to close to me. Our faces were not even a feet apart, not even half a foot. I couldn't help it, he pinned me down. "Tybalt get off of me." I said, and he didn't listen. He was getting closer, and his hands were starting to move, not like I wanted them to though. "Tybalt. Get.Off. Of.Me. Now." I said. my voice a little louder. "I swear to god I will cut your dick off and staple it to your forehead."

"Can we have sex first?" He asked and I slapped him. Now he was angry, which wasn't good. He was muscular, and could pin me down easily. He started unbuttoning my pants, which I tried to stop by closing my legs, but that didn't work. He tried to unzip his when Romeo came in. "Great Romeo's here. I was gonna fuck her brains out. You just ruined it." He said zipping up his pants.

I tripped him and punched him in the face, which Romeo did as well. I hugged Romeo, thanking him. He looked down and zipped up my pants, right as Shayne walked in. "Did you guys just-"

"No." I interrupted, stepping away from Romeo, and accidently on Tybalt's back.

"He was going to try, but I came in." Romeo told Shayne, pointing to Tybalt. We all walked out of the room, leaving Tybalt there on the floor, as he followed us, holding his nose.

"She punched me!" He yelled down the stairs, grabbing his buddy. His shirt was off and he was holding it up to his nose, which was bleeding very heavily.

"You punched him?" Merc and Shayne asked at the same time.  I nodded and smiled, as we left the party and went to my house. My parent's were already asleep, so we relaxed downstairs and watched a movie.

The End

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